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This multi-step treatment features oxygen and L.RAPHAEL’s exclusive LEC-40 Complex to rejuvenate skin and dramatically reverse the visible signs of aging. LEC-40 combines omega 3 and vitamins A, C, and E with pure lecithin to enable active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. Together, these actives firm skin, smooth away lines and wrinkles and restore radiance and elasticity.

This advanced oxygen treatment evens skin tone and offers superior anti-aging benefits. White truffles disperse melanin beneath the surface of skin to fade existing sun spots and age spots. A collagen mask enhances collagen production to firm skin and diminish lines and wrinkles. The result is younger- looking, velvety-soft skin.

This superior eye treatment features oxygen, L.RAPHAEL’s exclusive Emergency Eye Rescue Complex and a special collagen mask and massage to address all of your eye area concerns: dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles. The delicate skin around the eyes will appear visibly lifted and your face will look revitalized and refreshed.

This treatment features L.RAPHAEL’s advanced Oxy-Tech II machine and an exclusive Anti-Acne Complex comprised of 70 botanical extracts to significantly improve the look and feel of oil-prone and combination skins. Skin is re-texturized for a radiant, blemish-free, even-toned complexion.

This intensive treatment helps prevent hair loss and stimulates the body’s natural hair growth for healthier hair and scalp. The treatment includes a hair mask and scalp massage using extracts known to promote hair growth and improve capillary health. The results are thicker, healthier hair with unbelievable body and shine.

This treatment uses oxygen and L.RAPHAEL’s exclusive Slimming Complex with black currant seed and apricot oil, to slim and reshape the body. The treatments include three massages using a unique slimming gel, a fat burning serum and a special firming body oil to tighten the body for a slimmer, more youthful physique.

A sophisticated and customized device featuring diamond technology is used in combination with L.RAPHAEL’s LEC-40 lipid complex, lecithin, omega proteins and vitamins to dramatically improve the appearance of the skin. The device’s dual action of diamond-polish and the non-invasive diamond vacuum stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the skin for deeper penetration. This treatment promotes glowing skin and delivers significant anti-aging results.

The Combi-Treatment is a triple-action treatment which cleans, purifies, and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation to clean and refine the skin and pores. The therapist removes the impurities and treats the skin with a precise, targeted jet-pressure spray application of oxygen enriched with lecithin, omega 3, anti-oxidants and vitamins to revive tired skin cells and restore youthful radiance by tightening the pores.

This treatment uses ultrasound technology and electrical stimulation to effectively “lift” and firm facial skin, smooth away lines and wrinkles and leave skin velvety-soft. Electrical stimulation strengthens facial muscles and improves microcirculation, enhancing the skin’s elasticity and promoting a radiant, healthy glow.

This lifting and firming treatment utilizes ultrasound technology and electrical stimulation with the L.RAPHAEL Anti-Gravity II machine to deliver vital ingredients where the skin needs it most and effectively lift and firm facial skin. The application of ultrasound waves in combination with L.RAPHAEL’s advanced skincare products allows for a deep penetration of the ingredients, while naturally generated heat increases collagen production. Electrical stimulation strengthens facial muscles to diminish fine lines, increase elasticity and improve microcirculation to promote a healthy glow.

This customized massage combines the power of touch with  essential aromatherapeutic oils.

This rejuvenating full-body massage uses aromatherapy  oils  to promote circulation and relieve soreness, stiffness and muscle tension so that your body can achieve peak physical performance.


A classic European massage technique that uses the gentle power of touch to enhance physical and emotional well-being through promoting circulation, easing muscle soreness and relieving tension.

Enjoy the ultimate indulgence – sharing your massage experience with a loved one. Romance abounds as you and your partner enjoy tandem massages in our private spa suite.


This head, neck and scalp massage helps to melt away tension and stress to lull your body into a deep state of dream-like relaxation


Soothing oils, combined with traditional acupressure and deep tissue massage techniques, work together to relieve sore muscles and boost circulation.


An intense massage using specific therapeutic techniques and deep pressure to alleviate deep-seated tension, soothe chronic muscle pains and energize the body.


An exceptional massage therapy experience. done by two specially trained massage therapists, that uses customized pressure and choreographed, rhythmic movements, to induce maximum muscle relief and relaxation.

This massage combines the ancient healing powers of warm volcanic stones with aromatherapy to relax body and mind. Warm volcanic stones are placed on your body’s natural pressure points to balance energy flow. A gentle, full-body massage using calming oil helps to soothe tired muscles and melt away stress.


Experience the ultimate relaxation with our customized aromatherapy massage. Tailored to your unique needs, our skilled therapists blend essential oils to soothe your body and mind, providing a rejuvenating escape from everyday stress.



L.RAPHAEL Signature Booster Massage
it combines oxygen and the Anti-Jet Lag massge. it allows a faster recovery and a feeling of total and refreshing well- being after long hours ot travel

This massage is specially designed to comfort your travel-weary body and mind. An invigorating massage with resorative oil promotes manual drainage of the lymphatic system, This is followed by a deeply soothing massage with a blend of signature oils.

This massage is specially designed to comfort your travel-weary body and mind. An invigorating massage with resorative  oil promotes manual drainage of the lymphatic system, This is followed by a deeply soothing massage with a blend of signature oils.

This rejuvenating facial uses L.RAPHAEL’s Proactive line to harness the pure, potent anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C. The treatment includes a refinishing peel and correcting mask to even skin tone, fade sun and age spots and restore skin’s natural radiance.


This skin-firming facial, features L.RAPHAEL’s Ultimate line to restore suppleness and “bounce” to mature skins. The treatment includes an intensive hydrating mask to boost skin’s natural collagen production. The results – skin looks and feels visibly “lifted.”

This highly effective anti-aging facial uses L.RAPHAEL’s Perfection line featuring pure lecithin, omega 3 and vitamins A, C, and E. The actives work in synergy to rejuvenate skin and reverse the visible signs of skin aging. Skin looks and feels younger, with renewed radiance and elasticity.


Deep cleansing facial uses L.RAPHAEL’s Mineral line to re-balance skin, control excess oil production and refine pores. The results – skin looks and feels cleaner, clearer and in-control.


Let an L.RAPHAEL expertly trained esthetician design the ideal facial to meet your skin care needs. Choose from targeted cleansing, anti-aging, skin balancing, firming or hydrating treatments to deliver visible results.


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